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August 18th Pony Rides at High Country Stables

Looking for a fun activity to do with the kids on Saturday August 18th? Come on out to High Country Stables! 5508 Dallas Acworth Highway. 11 am – 3pm. $5 dollars a person includes Pony Rides, Face Painting, Horseshoe Scavernger Hunt, Live Music and riding demonstrations from our State Riders! We will be serving lunch plates in the conference room and have a photographer on hand taking pictures of the kids with the best horse in town – the one and only Midnight! All proceeds help the High Country Stables Riders who are competing at the state show in Perry, GA Labor Day Weekend.

Game Night at HCS and meet Dallas! High Country Stables

High Country Stables is now offering Game Night the first Friday night of the month. Weather permitting, they will be playing Ultimate Frisbee, Capture the Flag, Freeze Tag, etc. My older son is in charge of setting up the games and ordering the pizza(the most important part). Our next Game Night is Friday February 3rd – 5:00 until 9:00 – Bring $5.00, wear old clothes and your fastest running shoes. If you have further questions you can email Ian at Any and all are invited!

Dallas is a 9 year old mare, trained at Hancock Farms in reining. She also loves to jump!

Dallas is awesome and we look forward to adding her to our lesson program!

Our first chick of the New Year!

Next Fun Day and January Happenings at High Country Stables

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday season! We sure did! Many thanks for all my wonderful Christmas presents. I think everyone wants me fat! We still have cookies and candies on our kitchen counter.

The barn is full and our lesson program is awesome. We have 18 students signed up for RIFNA and hopefully all will be qualified for Regionals this Spring. Our next meet is January 28th & 29th at In Your Dreams Farm. We will host a meet February 28th.

January 16th we have our first Fun Day of the year! 9:00 to 3:00 – $45.00 for lesson students and $55.00 for non-lesson students.

Our Drill Team is picking back up and hopefully, when we have a Spring Fundraiser we will be able to perform. Very excited about this.

Belated Happy Holidays Video!

We actually sent out Christmas cards with links to this video December 14th. Apparently a lot of them never got delivered. (Long story).

Plus Shelly made me redo the video as I had left out some – well – participants you might say.

We hope you like our little Christmas tradition.

We may not say it enough, but we are so very grateful for all the High Country Stables supporters, from the lesson students (and their parents!) to the readers of the website. From all our wonderful boarders to the people who come visit for trail rides, camps and birthday parties.

While many business have really been hit hard lately, you have made it possible for us to stay open and provide what we hope is a good and safe time for all!

Happy Holidays!

Shelly, Miami, Ian, Ryan and Gooser!
High Country Stables

Can’t Help Puppy Pictures!

goose chaser

Gooser - Get Those Geese Gooser!

How can you not help but love a face like that!

He is training well. Sits, stays (a little), down and Get Em! for the geese. He loves to chase the geese! Err and the chickens but we are working on that!

Say hello when you come visit!

More Puppies!

I know I know! They are just like new babies. You have to take lots of pictures until the novelty and ‘cuteness’ wears off. Just be glad we are not showing you the spots and piles on the carpet, and the chewed dress shoes, books, headphones etc in the trash!

Summer Horse Camps Dallas, Ga and Fundraiser!

Summer Camp schedule has been posted!


Let’s try this again! And this time the weather will be sunny and warm!!

Please join us April 2nd from 12:00 to 3:00 for pony rides, face painting, live music, tack swap and sale, games and to meet all the crazy animals – peanut, our pig, a duck that thinks he is a chicken, a chicken who likes to sit in your lap

Little Man AKA Herbie

and our sweet bunny, Tater Tot! $5.00 at the door! Food will be served in the conference facility.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Our annual Night Before Christmas poem for High Country Stables.

Thanks for your support all this year!

September 20th One Day Camp and High Country Stables Updates!

Happy Fall!although the weather doesn’t seem to be cooling off now that September has arrived! And I need everyone to do a rain dance! All our beautiful pastures are starting to look a little brown around the edges.

September 20th is our next Fun Day! I only have a few spots left so if you haven’t signed up you better hurry.

Hannah at camp riding to music!

9:00 to 3:00 – $50.00 – bring a sack lunch. Games, riding, crafts and tons of fun! Ages 7 and up.

Welcome Maverick – isn’t he beautiful! Maverick has done it all from the big time Racking Shows to exploring Ga’s trails! He is owned by Sherle, who also has Val. Val has been in training with us for 7 months and is ready for her first show September 25th!

And look who’s jumping!

Rascal and Jeri learning to jump together!

And it’s a good thing. Suddenly, I have more English jumpers than Western riders. How did that happen???

Consignment store is going great! Stop by to check out everything for sale! Especially, if you are looking for used tack or show clothes!

Happy Trails,
The Phillips Gang!

May 1 at the horse riding stables

I took these videos over the weekend in case you haven’t been out in a while. How many people are lucky enough to have baby wood duck and baby geese in their yards???