Horseback Riding Atlanta

Who wants to experience horseback riding, learn a little about horses such as how to groom, put on  a saddle and the basics of riding while enjoying a relaxing time in the safety of our riding ring

Take an hour with specialized instruction about such things and enjoy a little time riding with supervision in our riding ring.  Think about it as a trial riding lesson experience.  You may decide this is for you!!

We are always asked about beginning riders. Most of our trial riders have never been on a horse, and we take extra care to make this first ride safe and fun.

The tacking, lesson and ride all last one hour. We can do groups up to three at a time so bring the family or friends and learn to ride together!

Our rides are nice calm introduction to horse back riding – with a little entertainment thrown in to make it fun and interesting.

Call 770-855-0828 to make an appointment. Or email with the day, time and number of riders you would like to bring and we will get back to you asap!

 Please allow several days to set an appointment ! We have a busy lesson schedule.


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Horseback riding at High Country Stables is relaxing and safe! We have horses in our stable to match every guest’s  riding ability. All rides are accompanied by friendly, experienced trail guides. Minimum 2 riders per ride, $45.00 a person.  Please be aware that although we strive to please everyone, our horse are limited to carrying no more that 215 pounds.

42 thoughts on “Horseback Riding Atlanta

  1. tiffany thompson

    hello , what are the age requirements for riding, and does everyone have to have their own horse.I would like to set up an appointment.

  2. Heather Garza

    Hi there – I would like to bring my girls to see the horses, and do trail ride. My oldest is 15 and she is very comfortable around the horses, however I do have a 3 year old that may be timid as she has not spent as much time with them. I would like to ride as well and wanted to know if the little one can ride with me or how should I handle that. Also, do you have Saturday and Sundays available? Thank you.

  3. Tollie Penson

    I was interested in taking my wife on the trail ride for Mother’s Day. We are both novice riders and horseback riding is something we often talk about doing one day. Is there any time avaible on or around Mother’s Day?

  4. Admin Post author

    Thanks for visiting our site! I have sent you an email with trail riding availability!

  5. Michele

    I will be in Dallas from Sept 1st through the 5th.I wanted to take my neice on a trail ride.Can you let me know the availability of trail riding during those dates?Thankyou.

  6. carolyn

    Hi there
    It says trail riding is 90 dollars for two people. How long is that for? An hour, or more?

  7. Admin Post author

    Hmmm. It says “take an hour with us…” :-) The actual ride is more like 45 minutes byut hte time we get you tacked up and checked out.

  8. Carolyn

    Oh…! I guess I didn’t read that too thoroughly! My bad! :)
    My daughter is looking forward to riding with her aunt this coming weekend! We’ll call tomorrow to reserve a time. Thanks!

  9. Joyce

    Hi there,

    My 2 nieces are coming to visit me in late July and I would like to take them on a horseback trail ride. I probably would prefer taking the rid on a sunny morning, how late can I make the reservation. I want to be sure the weather is good that Saturday. We will be needing 3 horses. Thanks

  10. adrienne

    Hi :)
    My daughter is obsessed with horses and i would love for her to get to ride one. I on the other hand do not want to ride. Is there any way i can walk with her on the trail? She is only 4.
    Thank You!

  11. Admin Post author

    Four is a little young to be riding a horse on a trail. We can however offer a 30 minute lesson in an arena with an instructor for a four year for less than a trail ride! Send an email to with the riders age, day and time that best suits you and we can set up a lesson for her. Who knows? Maybe she is the next Olympic champion!

  12. Daniel

    Hi there! I know it might be a little much to ask, but is there any way where we can ride the trail alone? Or is there any other area in your farm where we wont be accompanied by an instructor? Thanks :)

  13. Admin Post author

    Hi Daniel,

    Unless you own or lease a horse, insurance (lawyers and people who sue) does not allow us that flexibility.

  14. Shaniqua Parker

    hello. my birthday is next saturday and I would LOVE to go horseback riding. Im wondering where you are located and what is the latest appointment. I truly would appreciate a reply. Thanks in advance

  15. Fatima Oguje

    Hello I want to do something fun and interesting and I want to know if there is anyway you can email information regarding the trail ride; including the price and how long the tour is. This experience is for my friend and I want to make reservations for his birthday which is on September 3rd.

  16. Fatima Oguje

    I’m sorry I had a blank moment, I no longer need the price nor the time length for the tour, but I would like to make reservations for a specific date if that is ok.

  17. Deborah McIntosh

    Had a great time today on the trail ride! You really made my girls feel comfortable on a horse….even though they were completely scared! Thank you again!

  18. Admin Post author

    Our insurance will not allow catering on a trail ride – unless it is your horse or you lease the horse.

  19. Amanda

    Are you open year round? My friend’s birthday is the week after Christmas, and I would like to take him riding as part of his gift. Also, are there any historical landmarks or monuments along the trail, since it is a battleground?


  20. Admin Post author

    We are here year round… You just need to call and schedule the time! As far as landmarks – we can show you some interesting things but this is not a “Kennesaw Mtn Battlefield” ride. This is a relatively simple ride for beginners/people who want to get out and ride.

  21. Admin Post author

    Hi Brandon. Happy birthday! We do not currently offer any specials on birthdays. We also do not have schedules – please call or email with your preferred time and day, number of riders and we will do our best to set an appointment at that time. Thanks for asking!

  22. Johnson-Daniel

    @tiffany thompson: We will be in Atlanta 18 and 19 of March and would love to ride. Which day is better for a group of 6 adults, 4 teens, 2 under 4 year. Can I have a rate for a group this size. We no nothing about horses, we want to ride. Help!!!!



    I would to do a horse back ride with my daughter and husband could you send me more information on riding and how I can make an appointment

  24. Pamela

    hi my child is 11 and she has never been on a horse before could she still ride on the trail

  25. Admin Post author

    Most of our trail riders have never been on a horse.

    We have a unique trail ride that allows the riders to help brush and tack, then a short lesson, then an easy beginner trail ride with one of us walking along for safety. The tacking, lessons and ride all last from 45 minutes to an hour.

  26. Kristy Jackson

    Hi. My daughter is 15 and wants to ride for her birthday. If we bring a party in what are the rates and for how many people.?

  27. Admin Post author

    Hi Kristy,

    I am assuming she would want to a trail ride at that age instead of being led around a ring (although we could let them
    steer if they want)

    Trail rides are $45 each. We can do 5 at a time – if you have more than that we can talk about possibilities.

    Thanks for contacting us…

  28. Elaine Johnson

    Hello. I will be in town watching my 2 nieces for about a week start monday 5/28. I also have a 3 year old daughter with autism that I MIGHT want to ride with or just let her ride with a guide. Please email me your suggestions, availabilty and address. THANX!!:)

  29. Mark

    I would like to take the girl I’ve loved for 28 years on a horseback trail ride. I need information regarding availablity for the week of June 4, 2012. Thank you

  30. Shay

    Hi! I will be visting next week from Miami, I would love for my family and I to go horseback riding! We have so much to do in such little time while we’re in town visting for vacation. Are you guys open on Sunday’s?!

  31. Admin Post author

    We do offer rides on Sundays depending on who is available…

    Sent you an email…

  32. Shay

    HAD A BLAST WITH THE FAM!!! If you’re looking for something fun, adventures, and different to do this is the place to be! This was my first time on a horse and based on my experience it wont be my last, my 5 yr old daughter had so much fun! I was kind of nervous to let her ride alone but TRUST me you have no worries parents, ya child is in under close supervision at ALL times. Staff is friendly and very informative.

  33. Jennifer Washington

    I would like to know if you can accomodate a team of 15 for a team building exercise and what the price would be.

  34. Lillia Pete


    I want to do a trail ride for four people. It is for my older sister’s birthday. We are all of age the youngest in the group is 14. I am quite aquainted with horseback riding but for the others in the group this will be there first time. We would really like to do it this Saturday Nov. 10th, 2012. I know it is short notice and I apologize for that. If there is anyway you cna schedule it for us I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

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